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✅ app to earn money for paypal 🤓

18 junio, 2020

✅ mGamer app to earn money for paypal 🤓

mGamer app to earn money for paypal

Hello people from 👉 computengines we bring them an application called mGamer to earn money for paypal without investing.

In this app we can make money in different ways either by answering surveys, performing tasks, watching videos, playing games, etc.

In mGamer you can also win diamond for a game called free fire, you’ll still earn rewards for PUBG, MOBILE LEGENDS and LORDS MOBILE. You find it all in this amazing 🙂 app.

mGamer belongs to ag PRO DEV company and is available for android, the minimum withdrawal in the app is $0.50.

👇 the APP here on the banner 👇


🤑 ¿How to Earn Money With mGamer App?

In mGamer we will earn money by performing tasks, watching videos, playing and among more things as mentioned before. The first thing to do is to register in the app with our google account.

Once you have registered you will be able to use the app and also follow them on their social networks ✋.

e have to go in the “Earn” section, it is a section to complete surveys, tasks, play and watch videos. The first is play games:

They will appear 3 games, piano and 2 of fly bird. On the piano you have to play melodies to add points and get lucky to win the competition.

In the 2 👉 fly bird games you have to do the same.

You also have 3 more options to win, in lucky draw you have to choose your lucky numbers to win the draw they make.

The same is true for the jackpot section. Now for the Invite Friends section you’ll earn %10 coins for each friend you invite.

🔵 ¿How to Charge In mGamer?

For the last section we have to go in “Rewards”, in this option we will see the options to withdraw our money or diamonds.

to withdraw $0.50 we have to have 6900 coins to collect them. We can also withdraw $2 and $5 in paypal. Below you will find to withdraw rewards for games.

🤩 mGamer app to earn money for paypal – App Features

Rating: ★★★★★

Language: English but easy to handle.

Accepted Countries: everyone.

Category: Make money with apps.

Mínimo de pago$0.50 dolares igual a 6900 monedas.

Important note: if you don’t know how to do surveys I leave you an article explaining it in detail. “How to Do Paid Surveys HERE”

👇 the APP here on the banner 👇

Where you pay: by paypal and Diamonds for some games like Free Fire, Mobile Legendsm among others.

Operating system: Android.

Proof of payment: if

Bonus: You will earn 500 free coins. You won’t be able to use the code until you’ve earned at least 150 coins before.

Referrals: We won 100 coins + 10%.

Code: I8FGf1iDoH.

📺 mGamer app to earn money for paypal – Explanatory vídeo