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Lbry πŸ₯‡so making money by watching or posting videos 🀩

21 julio, 2020

Lbry πŸ₯‡so making money by watching or posting videos 🀩

Hello people from πŸ‘‰ computengines we bring you a decentralized platform called Lbry πŸ₯‡, in which you can make money watching or posting videos.

Lbry is an immense decentralized library where anyone can share content and watch videos from others. Best of all, whether it’s creating content or watching it, it’s how we’ll earn Lbry Credits (LBC).

The lbc can be removed and exchanged for any other cryptocurrency.

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πŸ”΄ How to Link a Youtube Channel In Lbry and Receive Rewards

Before we talk that lbry is decentralized, it gives us the way to link our youtube channel so that our content that we have passes on the lbry platform.

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Once you log in you will have to claim your channel in lbry as well as shown in the first image. it has to be the same one you have on youtube for it to sync.

It can take a few days for all the videos to pass, so don’t worry if it takes a while. One important thing is that you must have at least 100 subscribers on youtube to be accepted by the channel if you are an active youtuber.

If you have 1000 subscribers you will have more priority and all the videos will sync quickly.

Once you are accepted you will be able to earn rewards and lbc. don’t worry that you also don’t have to be youtuber. You have options to create lbry channels without the need to sync one from youtube 😏.

Another thing is that you can verify your account with Discord.

πŸ”΅ How to Make Money in Lbry

In lbry you can make money in many ways, it is important to mention that Lbry TV uses the lbC cryptocurrency as a means of payment. This means that whether we want to add funds to promote our work or if we want to withdraw profits from the platform, we will need, yes or if, a wallet that supports LBC.

In the course of the article I tell you how we will do that process of withdrawal.

In lbry tv we have 4 options to make money; It will all depend on the activity or activities that we carry out within the platform. See:

As a user ⏩ we have to watch videos and creations of other users have uploaded to lbry.

By creating content ⏩ you can create a channel and share posts in the lbry community.

Rewards program ⏩ if we work at Lbry as content creators or as users, we can earn extra LBC by completing a series of tasks that asks us.

Other alternative ways to Lbry to get LBC are either by mining or trading with them in exchangers.

β–Ά Create a Channel On LBRY TV

An important thing is that you can also create a channel manually in lbry and you can create many channels. It’s very simple and it’ll only take more than a few seconds.

we will go to the top menu that is left on the right hand side and click on the button with the silhouette of a person. Then click on “Channel” and you can type the name you want.

to open the channel, we’ll have to pay a deposit in LBC. This deposit is only 0.01 LBC. However, the more LBC we give as a deposit, the better positioning our channel will have in lbry.

β›” How Rewards Works On Lbry TV

Many Views πŸ‘‰ the first task As we view content every day we go through a series of goals. when we reach the goal they will give us rewards.

Coveted creator πŸ‘‰ if we are content creators and have many followers we will also earn lbc. we’ll advance in levels and earn more rewards.

Daily Watch Reward πŸ‘‰ there is also a daily reward that consists of viewing the first post of the day, we will receive a random prize between 0.5 LBC and 50 LBC.

Invite πŸ‘‰ another way is to invite our friends to earn more tokens, we will receive 15 lbsc for each friend we invite.

Custom Code πŸ‘‰ if we are very active users or content creators with a certain reputation, send us some other code with extra LBC.

YouTube Partner πŸ‘‰ if you linked your youtube channel of more than 1000 subscribers and they accepted you for this reward, month after month they will pay you your reward in lbc.

🌍 How to buy LBRY Credits (LBC)?

In this section we will be able to buy lbc tokens, there is one thing we have to remember; is not available to buy against fiat currency. LBC can only be obtained through the exchange.

This LBC coin can be purchased on global cryptocurrency exchanges like Bittrex, ShapeShift, Changelly, Upbit, Poloniex and Cryptopia. Most cryptocurrency exchanges have paired LBC with BTC.

What we have to do is press the “BUY” button, we’ll put what country we’re from, then we can buy the lbc. In order to buy we must have at least $20, as it is the minimum deposit.

πŸ’₯ How to Withdraw Money from LBRY TV

Finally, I’ll show you how we can remove our lbc. We must press the “send” button. We must put our wallet you have for the lbc token.

Wallets like Bittrex, is the wallet that is recommended, although you can use others like the ones mentioned above.

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you just need to sign up for this exchange. There is no minimum lbc withdrawal. Important Note I will leave you the video explaining how to remove lbc by btc with the bittrex exchange.

🀩 Lbry πŸ₯‡so making money by watching or posting videos – “Features” From the Platform

Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Language: English, you can translate it into google chroom.

Accepted Countries: everyone.

Platform type: Cryptocurrencies.

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Withdrawal method: LBC and you can do it in these wallets like bittrex, ShapeShift, Changelly, Upbit, Poloniex and Cryptopia.

Wallet you accept: that you have for lbc and the above.

Minimum withdrawal: from 1 lbc.