🥇 How to Win Ethereum and Litecoin Free


🥇 How to Win Ethereum and Litecoin Free

Entering the world of free faucets we find two pretty beneficial pages for those who participate in them and now I'm going to tell you about two of them.

These pages have been active since 2018 and are very reliable platforms on which you can accumulate Ethereum and Litecoin every 60 minutes and for FREE which is the best of everything. With multiple options to be able to accumulate profits these platforms request a simple registration.

🚀 ¿How do I register?

On the platform you will find the registration option, you will fill out the form with your details.

  1. Email
    LTC and ETH address

(It is important to mention that you have a wallet that accepts the Ethereum cryptocurrency in order to receive your free-ethereum payments) Finally, you'll solve the captcha.

And ready once registered you will receive a verification email that is possibly in spam already verified your ready mail you are inside free-ethereum and free-Litecoin.

👇 On Pages here in the banner 👇

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✅ ¿How do I generate profits in free-ethereum and free-Litecoin?

Once inside the platform you can find multiple options on your dashboard I will explain one by one reminding you that they use both the same mechanics.

✔ Free(ethereum) Home (Litecoin)

These are the main options that these platforms have to claim your reward and the method is the free roll by which it asks you to correct some images and turn the wheel to get your reward everything will depend on the lucky number that touches you based on the table that you have very visible when playing.

faucet litecoin y ethereum

This can be repeated every 60 minutes throughout the day.

➡️ Multiply

You have a 50/50 chance of multiplying your Ethereum and Litecoin, you put high or low. For example; If you compete 1 at the top and get a number greater than 50000, win 2 You can also change your chance to win to change the payout for each win. To play faster, you can use your keyboard with the hotkeys listed in the table or there is the option automatically that allows you to play without the need to press a button plus you can program what you want to play.


Reminder: it is important to have a strategy to use this section because as you can win you can lose everything.

⚡ Earn

In this section we find a very interesting method to be able to generate passive profits since once you have achieved the amount of 0.02 LTC or 0.01 Ethereum per accumulation or per deposit the page will automatically start paying you an 8% annual profit.


Of course, the longer you have your profit on the platform the more interest it will generate you and if you decide to deposit money there is a calculator that explains how much profit you will make depending on your deposited amount.

✔ draws

You can win Litecoin or ethereum with the action of buying a draw ticket that are very cheap offered by this section, but if you buy more tickets greater it will be your chance to win, the round of draws is every 7 days and if you win you will have a record in your history and the prize will be paid to your balance.


In Etherum there is an extra option that is called.

💥 Referral


In this option we are provided with our referral link to invite as many people as we want, there is no limit since for Litecoin up to 50% in commission and for ethereum up to 25% in commission of what each of our guests generates.

🔥 Stats


In this option you will be able to see your history on the profit, loss, number of times played, withdrawals and deposits page.

◁ Profile


Here you can see your registration email as well as the withdrawal address you provided with the option to change it as many times as you want plus a dual authentication system to give more security to your withdrawals.

⌛ Withdraw

withdraw money

Funds reach your account from 12 to 24 hours and the amount to be withdrawn must be higher than desired due to withdrawal fees for Litecoin the minimum is 0.00400000 ltc and Withdrawal is 0.00100000 ltc and for Ethereum the minimum withdrawal is 0.00200000 and withdrawal fee is 0.00100000.

✌️ Deposit


The minimum deposit in Ethereum is 0.002 Eth and in Litecoin any amount is welcome.

💥 Page Features

Rating: ★★★★★

Language: Spanish.

Accepted countries: everyone.

👇 On Pages here in the banner 👇

banner ethereum
banner litecoin

Platform Type: Cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawal method: Litecoin and ethereum.

Wallet you accept: any Litecoin and Ethereum wallet.

🙂 Conclusions

These free faucet allow you to start capitalizing in an easy and free way and that with your reference link you can make better profits in addition to earning 8% annual interest just by having your balances within the platform, no doubt these platforms are highly recommended to win and invite your acquaintances to win 🙂.

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