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How to Win Bitcoin Free or Investment Daily Bonds

25 enero, 2020

How to Win Bitcoin Free or Investment Daily Bonds

earn bitcoin over the internet for free

Today I will introduce you a new page to earn bitcoins for free or with investment, it is a platform that offers the possibility to promote your business with only 1 payment, there is also a free option that I will explain below.

It is a page that was launched in May 2019 to earn bitcoin, it is a fairly easy business to use since we can earn satoshis for free by performing a very simple activity that we will now see how to perform. Upon entering we will see a couple of sections with tasks available to perform, you will also earn bitcoin recommending the business to earn a bonus and also acquiring memberships.

It is a marketing page, audited by the Spanish blockchain association. Its function is to provide advertising space for brands, individual people and to have a good profitability in your business.

How to Win Bitcoin Free or Investment Daily Bonds “Registration”

The first thing you need to do on the page is to press on the banners of this article and you will carry them on the platform. Then go to the right and put Spanish, then we will have to fill out a very simple form, putting your email, username, password and finally press on entering.

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earn free bitcoins and invest

How to Win Bitcoin Free or Investment / How It Works

earns bitcoin doing tasks

In this section we can find it at the top of the page in our account, all we have to do is perform a very simple activity, when entering we will see a task available. In this section opens a new tab that you must keep open for the indicated time. Here the winnings will not be seen immediately, you will have to wait for the distribution bonus.

Random Bonus: it is awarded every time you are active on the platform and the bonuses are daily, in short serious by just logging in, doing the task that tells you or recommending by social networks, the more activity the more you will get in the bonuses.

Weekly Bonus: Is awarded every Sunday at 21:00 hrs to all users who have active membership, whether golden or silver, are allocated %10 of their turnover to that distribution.

Explanatory video how to win bitcoin for free

How Investment Memberships Work to Win Bitcoin

membresia wins bitcoin

In this section we have 3 types of memberships that are free, silver and golden, we can unlock from 3 levels of referrals to 11 levels according to the membership we buy, once we have some paid membership we will already have access to the bonus and we can promote our business on the platform either 1 or up to 3 depending on your membership. The good is a one-time payment to acquire them and we do not have to pay it again, with it we will receive unlimited traffic from the people who visit the page

How to Withdraw Our Bitcoin Profits

We can withdraw our winnings when we have 0.005 BTC. We should go right and put our preferred bitcoin wallet. Withdrawals are made within a maximum time of 24 hours and charge 3% fees.

How to Win Bitcoin Free or With POOL Investment

How to Win Bitcoin Free or With POOL Investment

It is a new section being of investments where we can participate by making an investment from 0.005 BTC to more. In this new section we have a balance and a minimum independent payment, in section the minimum payment is only 0.001 BTC and we are charged 3% at the time of withdrawal.

people: is the number of participants on investments.

Platforms: this is the number of platforms and sites where you are investing.

Referral network: these are the number of referrals obtained on the platform.

Estimated %: This is the estimated percentage of profitability that can be made in the month.

PAID BTC: is the bitcoin that has been distributed in commissions.

The pool section consists of the investments made by the users who participate in this community pool, in which it is intended for the different business platforms. A portion of that investment is used to invest in these platforms and is used to form referral networks, which is how profits are generated.

How to Win Bitcoin Free or Investment Daily Bonds, Stock Exchange

we will be able to traid and predict whether they will raise or lower the shares and be able to win even more on this platform.

How to Win Bitcoin Free or Investment “Features”

Review: ★★★★★

Language: Spanish

Countries Accepted: everyone.

Minimum payment: We can request a payment from 0.005 BTC.

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earn free bitcoins and invest

Memberships: You can purchase them for a one-time payment to increase profits.

Referral fees: the first level gives a %20 commission for the purchase of membership.

Withdrawal method: Bitcoin.

Bonus: We count 2 types of bonuses which are the random bonus and the weekly bonus.

Important note: The investments cast in the Pool Do not have any validity Or renewals and has no maximum profit cap, nor does it have a referral system since everything is distributed among the participants.

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