✅ How to Earn Money Online at Marketagent With Paid Surveys -Earn Money for PayPal


✅ How to Earn Money Online at Marketagent With Paid Surveys -Earn Money for PayPal


Marketagent is a page to make money by conducting surveys that you pay in paypal and skrill. The company is of Austrian nationality that has been online since 2001 and that in 2017 decided to make the big leap to start operating almost all over the world, is registered in the city of Baden is under the name of the company Marketagent online reSEARCH GmbH.

At marketagent in addition to earning money for each survey we're taking, we'll also earn 50 bonus points.

👇 The Page Registration here in the banner 👇

🙂 ¿How to Create Account In Marketagent?

marketagent record

Registration on this platform is free, you will have to fill out a form as shown in the photo. In addition, now for only registering correctly you will receive 50 points, equivalent to 0.50 euros for free.

The registration process is very simple. we just have to put our email and personal data. Another new thing is that we can also sign up with our Apple, Facebook and Google account. When you're done, they'll send you an email and you'll need to confirm within 72 hours to confirm your MarketAgent account.

🚀 ¿to make money on MarketaGent?

marketagent makes money

As you will know in marketagent the way to make money is by completing the surveys that will be coming to you in the menu, as shown in the photo above. In addition to you will receive surveys in the mail, additional surveys may appear in this section and are usually paid between 10 points or more than 500 (0.10 and 5o). I recommend you to visit this section every time you remember as some are exclusive to the web and do NOT arrive in the mail.

You have to enter this section several times a day to find many new surveys on topics of all kinds. These types of surveys are offered by third-party companies although you can complete them from the same MarketAgent platform. The time to finish them ranges from 20 to 30, you just have to be patient and you will see progress 🤓.

🔥 keep your profile up to date On Marketagent

marketagent profile

Most survey sites have a profile section, where you can complete certain information about yourself to make it easier for them to match the correct surveys with you. Just press the "My Profile" section, where you can change your personal data.

Profile extension: Here are shorter surveys that are usually paid between 20 and 40 points that you will also have to visit from time to time to find the ones that are available on time.

💥 Manage New Marketagent Section Surveys

MarketaGent create a new survey

In marketagent has put a new section, now we will be able to create a mini survey for all users of The Platform, we have to put the question and give up to 5 answers. Important note: we won't earn points for this, but if the opportunity to increase our profile and interact with everyone on the page.

⚡ Earn Money Online With The Marketagent App

App MarketAgent

También tiene una opción buena en la que tenemos que Descargar la app oficial desde la tienda Play Store para dispositivos Android, o desde la App Store para dispositivos iOS. Ya no tendrás excusas, ahora con la aplicación oficial de MarketAgent podrás completar encuesta desde cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento.

🤑 How to Collect Money From Marketagent

Marketagent collect money

Por ultimo les mostrare como podremos retirar nuestras ganancias, necesitamos tener 1000 puntos que equivalen a 10€, podremos retirar por PayPal y skrill. O también podremos donarlo a fundaciones. Otra cosa nueva es que ya podremos apadrinar un árbol. tu deberás pagar 100 puntos. Tan solo tienes que pedirles un código de árbol, registrarte en la página de los socios Treedom y seleccionar tu árbol favorito. ellos plantaran el árbol por nosotros y mas adelante pedir nuestro árbol.

🥇 Marketagent How "Features" Works

Rating: ★★★★★

Languages: English and Spanish among others.

Accepted countries: most countries.

Category: Surveys.

Levels per referral: Has a referral level.

Payment methods: paypal, skrill and more methods.

👇 The Page Registration here in the banner 👇

Minimum payment: 10 Euros equal to 1000 points.

By referral: You earn 50 points for each friend you invite.

🥇 How to Earn Money Online in Marketagent With Paid Surveys - Explanatory Video

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