✓ Game App To Earn Money Playing for PayPal


✓ Game App To Earn Money Playing for PayPal

Hello people from computengines, this time I bring you a reliable app to make money with your cell phone Playing. The app has more than 5 million downloads in the app store and Google play. it's brutal and it's matched to the big time app, as it's very similar but totally different and fun.

Gamee has a wide variety of games in its app, I must mention that it is very addictive and entertaining. Another interesting thing is that you can compete with other users online in the games and at the same time receive rewards according to the position you are in.

If you like to play and also want to have the possibility to earn some money, I recommend that you spend a few minutes reading this article, I am sure you will like it.

≫ ¿How to Register for Gamee and Win $0.10 and 500 tickets?

gamee app

To register in the app is very simple, the first thing is to download the app, although you can also use the desktop version and log in from your pc.

👇 Sign Up Here at The Android App Gamee and IOS 👇

Once you have registered using the banner above you will earn your first $0.10 cents and 500 tickets. Gamee will register you to a person (your first guest) so you can receive daily tickets from that caller (Antonio).

◁ ¿How Game Works Step By Step?

gamee app

Gamee to different from other apps is different as it only focuses on 5 aspects:

the lucky wheel
the aforementioned "team"

The operation consists of playing mini games, participating in tournaments, leveling up, meeting objectives, draws, etc. With all these options mentioned to win tickets as they will serve you to exchange for real money, or to participate in the weekly draw with cash prizes of up to $1,000.

There are over 100 really fun games available for you to have a good time while you win tickets and money.

✔ ¿Multiply Tickets Up level?

gamee app

Gamee has levels where you can go up with your daily activity. It means that you have to play, complete missions, participate in tournaments, in this way you will acquire experience and climb.

When you go up a level you will be given tickets, but you will also get a permanent multiplier that applies to all the tickets you win playing. In total there are 30 levels and for each you will receive a multiplier of x0.01.

⇨ Daily Wheel With Awards

gamee app

This is one of the nicer sections of all because daily you will have many spins in the turns. In each spin you can get tickets and cash. Every few hours you will have more twists available. you'll be able to receive 2 extra spins if you watch an ad video, so every 4 hours you'll be eligible for three spins on roulette.

Another interesting thing is that above in the image comes 7 numbers, If daily for 7 consecutive days you perform at least 1 spin, on the seventh day you will have a special spin. You're going to earn cash in all its boxes, it can touch you from $0.10 to $20.00 if you're lucky.

🥇 Gamee Weekly Contest

Gamee Weekly Contest

Every Sunday a draw is held in which they hand out, whoever is lucky will take nothing more and nothing less than $1,000 straight to their main balance that you can withdraw whenever you want. Another thing is that there are over 100 additional prizes ranging from $100 to $0.25 and will be drawn randomly among all users.

Now you must have 10,000 thousand tickets so you can enter the weekly draw and be discounted alone, so don't panic.

🙂 Gamee Invitation System and Awards

Another thing is that you can invite people to join gamee and make money. additional tickets and a fixed percentage of all tickets your guests get with their activity. For each person who meets your link and verifies their email and manages to reach level 3, you will earn some rewards.

  • $0.10 straight to your balance.
  • 500 tickets that can be 1,000 if you watch a video.
  • 10% forever of all tickets your guest gets on Gamee.

🤓 Gamee Achievement System

gamee achievements

Now you will have a section of achievements in gamee, you will see a series of medals and emblems that you can achieve by performing different tasks within the app, for example by playing, completing offers, etc. any action you do will be rewarded when you unlock more achievements.

🤑 Gamee Makes Money With Deals

Gamee Makes Money With Deals

One important thing is that it has a offer section in which you will earn more tickets by downloading more applications and the way you will win tickets.

🔥 How to Make the $10 Dollar Withdrawal In Gamee

How to Make the $10 Dollar Withdrawal In Gamee

To withdraw Gamee dollar balance you must reach the minimum amount of $10.00. Payments are made only by PayPal. There are 2 ways to win in the gamee app.

One is through the invitation system with which you will receive +$0.10 for each guest who reaches level 3, and the other is through the free spins on the prize wheel where you can get cash prizes from $0.10 to $20 🙂. I hope you liked this app as it is one of the reliable ones that exist.

🥇 Gamee app to earn money PayPal -App Features

Rating: ★★★★★

Pay: if

Language: Easy-to-use Spanish.

Accepted countries: everyone.

Category: Make money with apps

👇 Sign Up Here at The Android App Gamee and IOS 👇

Operating system: Android and IOS.

Payment methods: PayPal.

Bonus: If you won $0.10 and 500 tickets

🔥 Gamee Explanatory Video

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