Do not give recorded statements to insurance companies after a car accident

f you or a family member is injured in a truck, motorcycle or car accident, do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company's claims administrator until you first consult with an experienced attorney who handles road accidents. 

Insurance companies are friendly to reptilian spokespeople and "You're in good hands" slogans, but they're there to make money. 

Just as our number one goal is to get as much money as possible for our clients, the insurance company's number one goal is to keep as much of your money as possible; There are a number of tactics that the insurance company will use to limit or deny injury claims.

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    After an accident, the insurance company's claims administrator will contact you and ask you to make a recorded statement to assist in their investigation. 

    When you give the insurance company a recorded statement after the accident, you may still be upset from the accident or under the influence of painkillers. 

    It is very important to remember that anything you say to the insurance company's claims administrator can and will be used against you in court. Even if a misstatement is unintentional, an insurance adjuster is trained to use it against you. 

    Consequently, you should always contact an experienced attorney before giving such statements. Likewise, you should never agree to provide medical authorizations or releases to the insurance claims handler without first consulting an attorney.

    Examples of tactics insurance company claims handlers use when trying to limit or deny your claim in a truck, motorcycle or car accident

    here some cases

    *Claim handlers will tell you that your injuries were sustained before the accident occurred or were caused by a prior accident or physical illness. 

    A pre-existing injury can be a significant factor in reducing an insurance claim and a previous injury may not have anything to do with your current injury. Accordingly, you should not accept this excuse from your claims administrator.

    *The claims handlers will tell you that they will close your file if you do not make a decision on the settlement. This is a common tactic to create false deadlines that rush a person injured in a truck, motorcycle or car accident into making a settlement decision. 

    A quick settlement generally favors the insurance company. Keep in mind that the only timeframe that matters is the "statute of limitations" for filing a lawsuit. You should quickly consult with an experienced injury attorney to find out the true deadlines for filing a case.

    *Claim handlers will try to convince you that you were not injured in order to push you into a smaller settlement. Therefore, it is very important that he seek treatment immediately after noticing pain or discomfort. They may tell you that the police accident report does not indicate that he had complaints of pain at the scene of the accident. 

    To understate your claim, the claims administrator may tell you that you did not go to the hospital or take an ambulance after the accident. 

    They may tell you that the property damage was not serious, so you could not have been injured. Don't be intimidated into dismissing your medical injury claim based on the insurance company's opinion of his injury.

    *Claim handlers may try to get you to admit partial responsibility for the accident. They may try to convince you that you did not react quickly enough to avoid the collision or that you made an abrupt or unnecessary stop, which caused the accident. 

    Insurance companies often try to place a percentage of the blame on innocent drivers if they can get away with it, this is especially used against innocent motorcyclists involved in accidents. Don't admit fault!

    Important information

    Big insurance companies want to settle car accident claims for as little as possible. Don't let yourself be taken advantage of after a car accident. If you have been in a car accident in Missouri, you should seek the assistance of an experienced car accident attorney. 

    The experienced attorneys at KC Road Lawyers have handled hundreds of accident cases in the Kansas City Missouri area. We know all the tactics used by insurance companies to reduce payments and we will take the necessary measures to anticipate and counteract their actions. We will protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve if you are involved in an accident on the road.

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