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Deezer MOD, listen to all your music in FREE offline mode

9 junio, 2020

oday, streaming music playback has taken over the lives of many of us. Every time, there are less people who download music as it was done in a conventional way. That is, go to Google, find the mp3 file of the song of our liking that we would like, download it and then transfer it to the phone. All this is somewhat complicated if we compare it with the ease offered by music streaming. With this service, you just need to search for the song title or the artist’s name, and touch a button to start playing all the songs you want.

This is made possible thanks to the fact that there are currently streaming apps that contain a large catalog of songs and this allows practically any song we imagine to be available on the platform. The best known streaming service today is perhaps Spotify. In fact, we had already shared a way to be able to take advantage of Spôtîf and totally free fûncîônês prêmîûm. But fortunately, it is not the only option for streaming apps, there are other equally good alternatives, and one of them is Deezer.

deezer premium

Deezer is a streaming app that has been doing things well for years. In fact, many consider it Spotify’s main rival and the only service that can cope with it. And if it has not done so far, it is surely because it has not invested enough in advertising so that users can get to know it a little more. But if we talk about quality, Deezer has it. It has the same Spotify catalog and the same functions, also offering us the possibility of «offline mode». That is, downloading the songs to be able to listen to them later when we do not have an internet connection.

And if we talk about  audio quality, this is its strong point. Here Deezer shines and takes a great advantage from Spotify. And this is mainly because it offers us songs in FLAC format, with high audio fidelity for the demanding of the musical sound. Deezer claims he has over 43 million songs, 36 million of which are available in CD-quality FLAC format . This is an impressive count by any standard, and it also goes in line with its rivals. Tidal  has 48 million, while Apple Music has 40 million and Spotify 30 million.

And well, now that you know a little more about Deezer, the purpose of this post is to share the app of this incredible service for your Android. But not just any app, but a modified app that will allow you to enjoy Deezer’s features for free. For this you simply must install the APK file that we leave you at the end of this post and follow the instructions of the video tutorial that we leave below. There in the video, you will be able to see the app and its prûmîûm functions working , in addition to being able to learn how to use it correctly so that you do not lose these benefits. And of course, don’t forget to share this post if it has been helpful.