◁ Current Cash Rewards, How to Earn Money By Listening to Music on Your Cell Phone

◁ Current Cash Rewards, How to Earn Money By Listening to Music on Your Cell Phone

Today we all listen to music, but do you make money for you to do it? Good answer is that if there is an app to earn money called current cash rewards. It is an application for mobile devices, which will reward you with dollars for your account of PayPal, bitcoin and among more prizes.

In this app you can put your radio station that you want to listen to, you can even save your stations to favorites (to listen to any day). The minimum withdrawal is $1 to PayPal and the others will explain at the end of the article. Another good thing is that it is available for IOS and Android.

👇 Sign Up Here at The Current Android App and IOS 👇

current banner

✔ How to Download Current on IOS and Android - App Play store

The current cash app can be downloaded to any Mobile device, both IOS and Android in its updated versions. Above I leave the banner for you to do.


Once you have the app installed, you'll get some initial questions that you'll need to complete to receive your first points. Important note: First turn off developer mode on your phone so you don't have problems with the app, as well as show it in the image above.

You must have 7950 points that equal $1 so you can withdraw it to PayPal, you will have many options to earn points and I will tell you below.

→ How The Current Cash Rewards App Works

current app

We go to the most important thing, the app has several sections and they are.

⇨ Music

current 3

First we go to the music section, then press a music station and play it, While listening to music you will see the icon of the app in the notification bar, that means that the app is working and they will be giving you points to play each music.

save current station
save current station

Something important is that the red that signals you serves to choose other music or give it back. If you like the song you press the "Unsave" button to save your favorite music.

🥇 Earn

earn current
earn current

This is another very important section since we will have to complete offers, filling out surveys, completing simple tasks, watching videos and among more interesting things.

They also give us extra coins when we listen to music for 30 minutes in a row, to check if they are correctly adding the points go to the History tab. For checking in for 3 days they will also give you points.

🙂 Library

In this section you can find your favorite stations, all the ones you're saving and the ones you've heard recently. In Recordings you can record music stations to listen to them if you have an Internet connection.

🤓 Redeem

redeem current
redeem current

This is the smallest part of all of us as we will be able to withdraw our winnings and prizes. To ask for a payment PayPal we must have $1 to withdraw that equals 7950 points.

there is a yellow BB icon and the option to change the dots directly to BB points. These are used to earn twice as many points in the days following redemption. The bad thing is that it does not specify the duration, it is advisable to withdraw for the other prizes.

🤑 Invite

invite and earn
invite and earn

Here you will find your link to invite your friends. He says they pay 200 points for each account record and validation, plus 5% of each's lifetime earnings.

🔥 Earn money by unlocking your phone screen

Earn money by unlocking your phone screen
Earn money by unlocking your phone screen

We have another very interesting option in the current app, by unlocking the screen (unlooking your screen) every 2 hours as long as you are using the app. Only with this gesture will you receive 30 points.

💥 Current app to earn money PayPal -App Features

Rating: ★★★★★

Pay: if

Language: English and Spanish but easy to handle.

Accepted countries: everyone.

Category: Make money with apps

👇 Sign Up Here at The Current Android App and IOS 👇

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Operating system: Android and IOS.

Payment methods: Google play, bitcoin, PayPal and prizes.

Bonus: If you win points to get started.

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