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ClipClaps makes money for PayPal watching free videos

30 abril, 2020

ClipClaps makes money for PayPal watching free videos

ClipClaps makes money for PayPal watching free videosHello people of computengines in this situation we bring you a tremendous application that is fashionable. ClipClaps is an app that allows us to earn money for our paypal account by watching videos.

ClipClaps is an app, where you will earn money in different ways, whether it’s just watching the videos, or playing the minigames that are available. The developer is called “GRAND CHANNEL ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED” and has been running the application for 2 years and paying without any problem.

The ClipClaps app is available for google play store for android and App Store for iPhone, it’s one of the best apps to make money easily.

The minimum withdrawal is $10 to be able to withdraw but the first time you withdraw it will be $0.10, and payments don’t take long to arrive in your paypal account 😉.

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👇 APPLY TO CODE IF YOU ASK; 9310130717

ClipClaps makes money for PayPal watching free videos


ClipClaps makes money for PayPal watching free videos

To be able to earn money in this app, the first thing you need to do is open the app, and you’ll need to register. there are countless very entertaining videos that people uploaded, when you are there you will see a bar on which it will be filling up when you watch the video.

once the bar reaches halfway and at the end it will give you a chest (arribita shows a timer that is the time it would take to complete) when it reaches a chest, it will be credited and saved in the “REWARDS” section.


This “Rewards” section will show the chests you’ve already won, with the videos, but there’s also a chest where they give it to you if you invite your friends, that’s optional, don’t worry as you’ll get chests just by watching videos.

In the chests you will win Clap Coins, money, fish or items for minigames, and tickets to participate in the raffles. One important thing is that you can also buy chests with your own coins to get more prizes.


In raffles you can earn, money up to $1 to $10 dollars to claim your paypal or to buy chests, clapcoins and many prizes, as well as you can win up to 500k clapcoins, or win up to $10 dollars on Amazon cards.

When you win prizes in the raffles they will move to your main balance balance.

As shown in the image above when there will be a raffle you will get several boxes in which you will have to press one and depending on the luck you have you will get the prize you won, for example $0.30 I got in the image 😉.


Now we will see the section of games in which we will get 3 to play, To make money with the minigames, there are several methods, which is with the Aquarium (you get fish and you have to give them food to level them up, and these you can sell them to money to claim), with the Brainaire (it’s a trivia game, this in English , so if you defend yourself in the English you can try).

CLIPCLAPS How to Exchange Currencies In Exchange and Withdraw Profits In Paypal

Now we will go in the section of my clapcoins, here we can only exchange our coins for cash, just press the maximum option to make all your coins go to your main balance.

In the “Cash Out” section you will be able to withdraw your winnings to paypal, from the withdrawal of $10 dollars, something important is that the first time you are going to withdraw your money will be $0.10 cents, that’s like your welcome and then you will return to your minimum withdrawal.

ClipClaps makes money for PayPal watching free videos – App Features

valoration: ★★★★★

Language: English but easy to handle.

Accepted Countries: Everyone.

Category: economy

Year of the app: 2018

👇 Download the APP here in the banner 👇

ClipClaps makes money for PayPal watching free videos

Minimum payment: $10, although the first time is $0.10.

Where you pay: by paypal

Available on: google play and App Store.

Bonus: If we receive $1 dollar when starting with the app, set code for them to receive some 9310130717 rewards.

April 2020 clipclaps payment test:

ClipClaps makes money for PayPal watching free videos – Explanatory Video

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