◁ Big Time Best App to Earn Money PayPal Playing | Earn $10 Dollars With Mobile


◁ Big Time Best App to Earn Money PayPal Playing | Earn $10 Dollars With Mobile

In this article I will tell you about an application called Big Time developed by the Company of WinR Games. A company with more than 15 years working online specialized in creating social and free games that allow to make money to its players.

This app is very interesting because it allows us to make money playing games, it is available for Android and IOS operating systems. With this you can earn some extra Canadian dollars, this one for everyone and anyone will be able to download this app.

👇 Sign Up Here in The Big Time Android app and IOS 👇

Code "19KBE" to have 2500 tickets

✓ How to Install Big Time App and Register

registro app big time

All you need to know is that the app is available to everyone, available for Android and IOS. Once you've already installed the app, you'll be prompted to sign in with a Facebook account or email.

With your account already created, the first thing that will ask you is to play at least one game so that you can unlock the most important interface and menus.

put big time code

Now comes the most important thing, within the profile option you will be able to win 2500 tikets to start, you can place the code that is on the screen "19KBE", you can win 2500 tickets automatically to your account.

≫ How to Earn Money in Big Time App?

In the big time app you can make money by participating in sweepstakes, playing, completing offers, downloading apps and among more options that I will explain now. We will win tickets that will then be exchanged for real money.

section game big time

There are 5 ways to earn tickets/money in this app:

🎮 Games: You'll be able to play all mini games unlimitedly and win a lot of tickets this way, the more you're advancing in all games you'll be increasing tickets.

big time multiplicar tikets

🤑 Big time slots: on the left side where I have in the picture, there is a game option in which you can enter a competition and win tickets in this way.

big time daily bonus

Daily bonus: when you go in daily, you will have the opportunity to select a lucky egg, inside you can have tickets or multiplier for a limited time tickets.

Offers and tasks: it also has a menu called 'Free Stuff' represented with the icon of a ticket, there you have to press to access the offers, surveys, which consists of downloading games from the play store, you will have to play it for a few minutes so that you are giving us tickets.

Invite friends: There's an option where you can invite friends, every person who installs the app and puts your code you'll earn $0.10 on your balance.

◁ Ways to Use Big Time Tickets

There are 2 ways to use these tickets:

big time winners

1- Sweepstakes: you can use your tickets to participate in the big time draw, sometimes they draw more than 1500 dollars, it is their section where you can win if we are lucky.

big time real money

2- Real Money: Another option we have is to redeem these tickets for real money, 10,000 tickets equal to $0.10. One way to prevent us from losing in sweepstakes is to store our tikets in the safe as well as I'm showing in the picture. The tickets we put in will not be participating.

✔ how to withdraw big time money to PayPal?

withdraw big time gains

Well now let's go to the end of this app, in order to withdraw our winnings we have to raise a minimum of $10 dollars for our PayPal account, I repeat they are Canadian dollars. We convert the tickets and press "OK". If you got here I congratulate you, it is a reliable app and paying without any problem.

🥇 Big time app to earn money PayPal -App Features

Rating: ★★★★★

Pay: if

Language: English and Spanish but easy to handle.

Accepted countries: everyone.

Category: Make money with apps

👇 Sign Up Here in The Big Time Android app and IOS 👇

Code "19KBE" to have 2500 tickets

Operating system: Android and IOS.

Payment methods: PayPal.

Bonus: If you won 2500 tickets at the beginning and setting the code "19KBE" .

🔥 Big time Explanatory Video

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