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Best Hosting and Domain For a Web Page

8 febrero, 2020

Best Hosting and Domain For a Web Page

In this article I will show you the best hosting and domain that you can find, sered is one of the most used hosting in the world. The idea of sered began in 2007, but it was in 2009 that they launched their service to the market online. It all started with a simple venture that as time went on, his project grew and began to move forward in gigantic steps.

registration down here

Then they began to offer web hosting and domains until the opportunity to hire dedicated and virtual servers, the company being part of the Xstudio Networks SL group, to this day continues to work in this way. Its policy is based on maintaining customer compliance, providing customized solutions for small, medium and large businesses. He currently works together with a team of professionals to maximize the quality of the services provided.

How to Acquire Hosting and Domain In Sered

Now you will have a paid and quality hosting totally free for 2 months, in the third month you will have to pay a very minimal payment, orita will explain in detail, first we must go in the section above in SSD Hosting.

Here you will write your domain that you want, you will get several prices and the one that will be available for you, I recommend that you choose the most economical and the one that best suites you, remember that the domain is only paid once a year and the hosting will be free for 2 months , orita I will give you a discount code to give you that discount and the 2 months free.

register a domain in sered

The next step is to press on add cart, this will be the domain and as you see it says 1.50 euros and will only be paid once a year, it is very cheap and good.

After adding to the cart you must go down a little more to choose your accommodation package.

buy new plan hosting sered

Then you will select your favorite hosting, I recommend the BasicO SSD Hosting, which costs 3.50 euros per month, but rest remember that 2 months is free using the code that I will give you later.

Then you’ll press it on USAR to get in the cart.

In this section will be the billing cycle, choose the most suitable for you, I recommend the monthly, then you will press on continue.

sered hosting free

Finally you will press on continue, here comes the good thing, is where we can that discount code.

You will have to fill out a form with your real details, your address, name, last name, you will put special, and where it is enclosed is where you will put the discount code that I will give you now,

You will put, “dinerouchiha” this code will give you 2 MONTHS free in hosting and as i mention before the domain is paid once a year.

Now if you want to choose the annual you will put this code, “dinerouchihaanual” this will give you %10 off.

When you put in code this discount will be put and you will only pay 1.50 euros the first time, this will be the domain that will be paid, the 2 months of hosting will be activated, and finally you will make the payment in its different payment methods.

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