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Activate Facebook Dark Mode in ANDROID

10 marzo, 2020

Activate Facebook Dark Mode on ANDROID.

El modo oscuro de Facebook comienza a mostrarse para algunos usuarios

How to put the dark facebook in a very easy way, by which we will use an application to carry out this procedure. But we invite you to join the facebook beta.

The long-awaited Facebook dark mode for Messenger (iOS and Android only ) is here! You probably heard it because you received a crescent moon emoji from a friend.

Currently (06.03.2019) the dark mode setting can be unlocked by simply sending a crescent moon emoji.
Once you send the emoji, you will be asked to activate dark mode. Dark mode is becoming a norm for any mobile app, web app, or website. Not surprisingly, interest in the dark user interface has skyrocketed since 2018.

As we spend more and more time looking at screens, our eyes are paying the price for screen addiction. Dark mode reduces glare and is mainly useful at night or in low light environments.

Steps to enable dark facebook messenger.

Por fin: Facebook está desarrollando el modo oscuro y así luce el ...

  1. Step-by-step guide on how to enable Facebook Messenger’s hidden dark mode
  2.  Open the Facebook Messenger app (iOS or Android only)
  3.  Send growing emoji in a random chat with a friend
  4.  The dark mode function will automatically appear in the settings of the Messenger application. From now on, you can enable / disable dark mode whenever you want. It is no longer
  5. necessary to send the growing emoji.
  6.  Enjoy the awesome dark mode in the Messenger app. This guide will be irrelevant at some point, as Facebook will likely eliminate the need to send the growing emoji. Dark mode will be a standard feature with upcoming updates.

Facebook also helps you keep up to date with the latest news and events from around the world. Subscribe to your favorite celebrities, brands, news sources, artists or sports teams to follow their news sections, watch live streaming videos and stay up to date on the latest events whenever you want.

Facebook’s most prominent computer features , such as the ability to include content in biographies, indicate that you like photos, search for people, and edit your profile and groups, are also available in the application.

Join Facebook beta in case you receive the official update in the future.

The Facebook for Android beta program provides advance access to upcoming versions of the application to Facebook users for Android. Join the program to offer your first impressions and help improve the Facebook application for Android for everyone.
If you are interested in participating, please note that the beta versions of Facebook for Android are preliminary versions of the application, have known problems and are updated several times a week.
Complete the following steps from your Android device to access the beta version of Facebook for Android:
Click  this link  to go to Google Play Store and log in if necessary.
Tap  Participate in beta testing .
If you don’t have Facebook installed yet, tap  Download Facebook on Google Play .


Until now, the screens, operating systems and applications of our computers have always been used in bright white colors. Screens that turned on from the first moment we pressed the power button  , with the consequent unnecessary expenditure of energy  that this meant for our portable equipment.

Some teams that have already done the homework at the hardware level to reduce energy consumption through the use of OLED screens, 7 nanometer chips and even the use of Bluetooth 5.0, but  that can be further improved thanks to the applications and operating systems that put its grain of sand with the dark mode .

If you look 100% of the screens of all electronic equipment are black when they are turned off. But as soon as they are turned on, the pixels that make up the screen light up, gradually consuming the batteries of our equipment.

Cómo activar el modo oscuro en Facebook Lite

Dark mode benefits

The  dark mode is that both operating systems and applications use dark or black colors that demand less energy consumption by the screens , in addition to having a good side effect on our health.

It may seem silly, but it has been proven that  looking continuously at the screens of our equipment has a very negative effect on a cognitive and physical level . This dark mode helps reduce eyestrain, thereby improving sleep quality by avoiding blue light that affects sleep so much.

IOS applications and operating systems will incorporate a dark mode

Both Apple iOS and Android do not currently have a full dark mode. Both are based on inverting the colors on the screen and the occasional retouching, but  both systems need to completely redesign their operating systems . A redesign that seems to be coming to an end this 2019, which will be the year in which we will see how iOS and Android will be able to launch a total redesign of their system adapting it to the dark mode.

What we can do now is to use the dark mode of the most important applications that have dared to make the transition to the dark mode, which already allows us to make use of this from the settings of each one, as we will see below.


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